I have had many opportunities to help our client partners develop digital marketing strategies. One of the first things we require our partners to do is complete a Measurable Marketing Success workbook. It’s a pretty simple document that basically allows us to record our partners’ goals. It continues to surprise me how difficult a chore this can be for most companies. If a client partner engages MINDSCAPE the first step is to sit down and fill out this workbook. If the partner has never thought about goals or objectives before – this is a challenging document to complete. And it should be!

Establishing marketing goals and objectives allows everyone on the team to know what we’re working towards. What, exactly our marketing efforts should achieve for the business. Marketing is never about the tactics or the technology. It’s not about getting to the first page of Google. It’s not about having X Facebook posts or Y tweets per day. It’s not even about the number of visitors to your website. It’s the reasons behind those things that are important. It’s the impact on the business that is the reason why we market anything. If having 52 Facebook posts a day gets you more orders, by all means, keep it up! But, if you aren’t seeing an impact on your bottom line, why are you spending the time and energy?

Clear as a Bell Summary

If you have never thought about marketing goals and objectives, thinking through those can be an exercise in frustration. However, goals and objectives help your business to focus marketing dollars in the right places and to clarify expectations. Marketing is like a good soccer game. You can run around chasing a moving target, avoiding obstacles, and working hard. But without a goal it’s impossible to score!


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